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Xinjiang Police Files: 'Unprecedented' evidence includes 'high-level speeches implicating Xi Jinping'

A leak of thousands of photos and official documents from China's Xinjiang has shed new light on the violent methods used to enforce mass internment in the region. Dr. Adrian Zenz, a Senior Fellow and Director in China Studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C., authenticated The Xinjiang Police Files, shared them with a consortium of news media and is discussing his findings with FRANCE 24. Dr. Zenz says that the leaked documents and images are "striking on multiple levels, on almost every level." And they show top leaders in Beijing, including the Chinese president, calling for a forceful crackdown. "We have high-level speeches implicating Xi Jinping himself," explains Dr. Zenz. "We have Chen Quanguo giving orders to arrest Uyghurs like hardened criminals, to shoot to prevent escapes. We have security instructions for reeducation camps showing police forces with heavily armed police. Watchtower guards are using sniper rifles, military-grade machine guns being used to defend or guard detainees in the reeducation camp. And of course the images." Dr. Zenz describes the leaked materials as genuine "highly sensitive information" and he asserts that "the amount and the nature of this material makes it quite clear. Nobody can make this up."
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