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Former agent Mishka Ben-David brings real-life Mossad intrigue to the page

As an Israeli intelligence agent in the 1990s, Mishka Ben-David was entrusted with high-stakes espionage missions across the Middle East. Now a successful author, he's channelled that experience into his latest thriller, "Duet in Beirut". The story centres on an expelled Mossad agent, Ronen, who stays on after a failed anti-terrorism mission and his former commander, Gadi, who decides to track him down in enemy territory. We caught up with Ben-David during the "Quai du Polar" thriller festival in Lyon, to talk about the blurry line between fact and fiction when it comes to the military and intelligence stories told on the page and on screen. We also discuss the current climate in Israeli politics, as his former Mossad boss joins the many critical voices urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to drop a controversial judicial reform bill.



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