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Photographer captures amazing video of lightning strike above Wallace Monument

An amateur photographer captured this amazing shot of the moment a lightning strike hit above the Wallace Monument. Thomas Lamont, 33, snapped the picture at 8.45pm last night (Sun) as the thunder and lightning began. IT worker Thomas, from Falkirk, was standing in a field near the monument, in Stirling, hoping to capture drone footage of the storm. He began to take the drone down as the storm approached - but luckily managed to capture the strike as it appeared above the monument. Thomas said: “I love thunder and lightning storms so when I knew it was coming I planned to go out and checked it would be safe to take the drone. “I was standing in a nearby field and took the shot about 8.45pm just as the storm hit. “You could see and hear the storm coming in the distance, it was really warm and muggy outside. “I was bringing the drone down because I thought the storm was getting a bit close, and just as I did the lightning struck and I managed to capture it. “It was just luck I was there at the right time.”

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