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Swarms of locusts land on building in India

Footage shows a swarm of locusts in a residential area in Jaipur, India, as the insects ravage homes and crops. In the video taken on May 25, thousands of the locusts landed on buildings as terrified residents locked themselves inside. Akanksha Badaya said many had also forced their way through doors and windows. She said: "They enter through small gaps and make their way to our kitchens and bedrooms. It's non-stop cleaning for us. I hope they will soon leave." Desert locusts can travel up to 150km per day eating up every bit of greenery in their path. The swarms have been invading the country since April, leaving a trail of crop damage as they ravaged fields. The recent locust attack is believed to be the worst in decades. K.L. Gurjar, the deputy director of India’s Locust Warning Organization, said the recent swarms comprised of ''young locusts who fly for longer distances''. Trilochan Mohapatra, director general of the state-run Indian Council of Agricultural Research in New Delhi, said 700 tractors, 75 fire engines, drones and almost 50 other vehicles are spraying pesticides to kill the locusts. "At this point it's manageable, but if it continues it will be a problem", he said.

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