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Swimmers have an extreme close up look at stingrays in Belize

Nito, known as Big Sexy in the scuba diving world is one of the most sought after dive and snorkel guides in the area. His love of the reef and his incredible way with animals provide guests with some of the most amazing and memorable experiences possible. Between dives, Big Sexy took his group to an area where they could swim with sting rays and nurse sharks in a shallow bay. The crystal clear water and plentiful animal life make this a perfect spot to get right up close with some wild, but friendly creatures of the ocean. The sharks and rays swim freely among the people and will approach curiously. Sharks and stingrays have a badly deserved reputation as cold-blooded killers and savage beasts. They are highly intelligent and surprisingly good-natured animals that deserve better understanding and respect. Without them, the delicate balance of the ocean ecosystems would be in serious peril. Big Sexy not only provides entertainment and fun on his dives and tours, he also teaches people about the softer side of "scary" creatures. Through education and demonstration of a true love for nature and all its beauty, Big Sexy promotes conservation and responsible tourism. His guests go home with more than just memories and great footage. They leave with a better understanding of the world that few are lucky enough to experience.




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