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Thick clumps of hail bombard Kent village amid dramatic thunderstorm that spelled epic end to heatwave

Dramatic video footage captures thick clumps of hail bombarding a Kent village amid a dramatic thunderstorn that spelled an epic end to the heatwave. Residents filmed the hail raining down and flash floods drenching the streets. It was the first downpour after weeks of dry weather that included two heatwaves when the UK saw record temperatures. Maddie Phillips captured the hail on video pelting her outside patio [yesterday (MON) afternoon] while water leaked through the roof and formed a puddle in the sun room next to her sofa. She believes the storm must have damaged the roof as she said it has never leaked before. The 35-year-old IT account manager said: “At one point I thought the skylights might smash. "It all reminded me of Australia. I lived there for six years and I’ve only ever seen hailstones like that over there, never in the UK.” The drought has baked and hardened the soil making it less able to absorb water so heavy downpours like yesterday run straight off it. Residents of the village of Cliffe, where Ms Phillips lives, discussed the weird weather on Facebook. One resident said: "Something in the middle of 40-degree heat and the apocalypse would be appreciated. And 10 minutes later back to a sunny day?" Another commented: "Amazing wasn't it? I stood outside when it started for about 30 seconds, then it went full-on Apocalypse and I had to run around the house closing all the windows. Can't believe it was so localised that it missed Cliffe Woods." The Met Office has said more thunderstorms are moving north into southern England from the Channel today, where warnings remain in place until late Wednesday.

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