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Wingsuit flyer's amazing high-five stunt

A cool video has emerged of an amazing high-five stunt performed by wingsuit flyers in Chamonix, France on Saturday. The footage, shot by an organisation called Project:BASE, captures extreme sports athlete Nathan Jones high-fiving a cardboard hand while flying at high-speed down the side of a mountain. Jones completed the stunt on a mountain in the Alps, along with his friend Sam Hardy who filmed the action from another angle. The two men flew down the mountain slope incredibly close to the ground before Jones hit the cardboard hand to achieve what they claim to be the 'world's first wingsuit high five'. The Project:BASE organisation was created by the two friends who are using their sporting abilities to raise funds to build a water well in Ethiopia. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: CONTAINS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MUSIC++ Commercial music and or performances must be cleared according to your own local music performance and copyright agreements with your applicable collecting society. You have editorial responsibility for use of all and any content provided.
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