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100 ways Biden has already proven he’s different from Trump

The Independent logo The Independent 28/04/2021 Noah Berlatsky
Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie © Provided by Indy 100

1. Biden didn’t support a coup attempt.

2. Biden didn’t lie about the crowd size at his inauguration.

3. Biden appointed an education secretary with a background in education.

4. Biden didn’t recommend injecting bleach to fight the pandemic.

5. Biden didn’t recommend hydroxychloroquine to fight the pandemic.

6. Under Biden, the US rejoined the Paris Climate Accord.

7. Biden appointed a diverse cabinet.  Trump, not so much.

8. Biden hasn’t appointed Jared Kushner to bring peace to the Middle East.

9. Biden hasn’t appointed Jared Kushner to defeat Covid-19.

10. Biden hasn’t appointed Jared Kushner to any damn thing. 

11. Biden hasn’t appointed Ivanka Trump to any damn thing.

12. Biden hasn’t appointed his own children to White House staff, either.

13. Does Biden even have a Twitter account?

14. Biden has dogs. Woof.

15. Dr Fauci likes Biden. 

16. Biden has reversed Trump’s ban on trans people in the military.

17. Biden mostly wears suits that fit.

18. The vice president’s office has not been the center of a Covid-19 outbreak during Biden’s presidency.  

19. Trump’s cronies included Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon. Biden’s cronies include — not Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon.

20. Trump ate steak well-done with ketchup. Right-wing media lied and said Biden was planning to ban steak in America.

21. Tump appointed overwhelmingly white male judges. Biden has appointed women and people of color.

22. Trump expanded drone strikes. Biden has curtailed them.

23. Melania Trump wore a jacket that said, “I really don’t care, do you?” Jill Biden wore a scrunchie. 

24. Trump’s inaugural concert featured Toby Keith. Biden’s featured Lady Gaga.

25. Trump named his vaccine program Operation Warpspeed. Biden hasn’t named his anything, because you don’t need to give your vaccine program a cool name. It’s a vaccine program.

26. Trump vetoed a measure to end US involvement in Yemen. Biden ended US military aid to Saudi Arabia in that war.

27. Biden has not called for Ukraine, China, Russia, or any other country to interfere in US elections.

28. Trump held on average a little less than two press conferences a month. Biden has held less than one a month so far.

29. Trump promised to deliver 40 million vaccines in December 2020; he delivered less than 32 million. Biden promised to deliver 100,000 vaccines in his first 100 days in office. He delivered over 200,000.

30. Biden’s approval has been around 54 percent for his presidency so far, according to 538’s poll aggregator. Trump’s approval never got over 46 percent.

31. Trump signed two Covid stimulus bills totaling $2.9 trillion. Biden signed a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill.

32. Trump spent his vacations playing golf in his Florida club at Mar-A-Lago. Biden spends his vacations in Delaware. Also playing golf.

33. Trump balked at wearing a mask in front of cameras because he thought it made him look weak. Biden has made a point of wearing a mask, even at a recent virtual climate summit. 

34.Trump signed vaccine contracts that barred sending excess doses to other countries. After considerable pressure from the left and his own party, Biden is sending excess doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to India.

35. Biden has not encouraged a mob to attack his vice president.

36. Biden’s staff does not talk about him like he is atoddler

37. Trump spent his whole presidency promising an infrastructure bill that never came. Democrats plan to vote on Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan later this year.

38. Trump promised to run for a third term even before he won a second. Biden says he will run for reelection in 2024.

39. Trump made draconian cuts to refugee admissions. After much bumbling and criticism, Biden has promised to raise the refugee caps. 

40. Trump removed portraits of President George W Bush and Bill Clinton from the Oval Office. Biden put them back.

41. Trump had military branch flags behind his desk in the Oval Office. Biden took those out and replaced them with an American flag and the presidential seal. (He kept the gold drapes, though.)

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42. Biden doesn’t hold stadium rallies.

43. Trump switched his religious identification from Presbyterian to nondenominational while in office. Biden remains Catholic.

44. Trump walked unsteadily down a ramp at West Point. Biden tripped climbing the stairs to Air Force One.

45. Trump called Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader of his own Republican party, “a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack.” Biden has not publicly called Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer any names (except “Chuck”, presumably.)

46. Trump often boasted about the performance of the stock market during his presidency. The stock market has increased more during Biden’s first 100 days than during the first 100 days of any president since Eisenhower.

47. America lost 4 million jobs during Trump’s presidency; he is the only president to have had net job losses during the last 80 years. So far, the unemployment rate has been falling under Biden.

48. World leaders repeatedly laughed at Trump’s ignorance and egotism. Most were relieved when Biden took office.

49. Biden appointed an Energy Secretary who knows what the Department of Energy does.

50. Trump dropped the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on Afghanistan. Biden is planning to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by September 11.

51. Trump promised to build a wall on the Mexican border. Despite some reports that Biden would continue to work on the wall, his administration has said that it has ceased construction.

52. During Trump’s presidency, approximately 400,000 people died of Covid in the US. During Biden’s tenure so far, there have been about 172,000 deaths.

53. Trump banned global aid to any group that provided, or even discussed, abortions. Biden lifted the ban.

54. The “Trump yelling at lawn-mowing boy” meme has been replaced with “prankster Joe Biden”.

55. The “Trump bill-signing” meme has been replaced with the “sad Joe Biden at the window” meme.

56. The “Mike Pence as Race Bannon” meme has been replaced with the “Kamala Harris side-eye” meme.

57. Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal. Biden has been trying to restart it.

58. Trump watched a ton of Fox News. Biden gets his news from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

59. Joe Biden has never hosted a reality TV show.

60. Donald Trump has never been vice president.

61. Donald Trump gave the Congressional Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh. Joe Biden was awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama.

62. Trump made 492 false or misleading claims during the first 100 days of his presidency. Joe Biden has been much more truthful.

63. Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court, frozen for nearly a year by Mitch McConnell, officially ended when Trump became president. One of Biden’s early acts was to appoint Merrick Garland to be attorney general. 

64. Sarah Cooper is no longer lip-syncing the president. 

65. Dana Carvey’s career is relevant again.

66. Biden hasn’t called anyone “nasty.”

67. Biden has not boasted about getting along with autocrats better the “meaner and tougher” they are.

68. Biden does not use the questionable slogan “America First.”

69. Trump tried to end the DACA program which protected people who came to the US as young children from being deported. Biden is trying to preserve it.

70. No more Trump YMCA dance.

71.  Also no more musicians telling Donald Trump not to use their songs.

72. Trump tried to exit the World Health Organization; Biden reversed that decision.

73. Biden’s National Security Advisor has not been convicted of lying to the FBI about contacts with Russia, unlike Trump’s former national security advisor

74. Biden’s attorney general was not denied a federal judgeship for being too racist.

75. Many evangelicals said Trump was “chosen by God.” This is not something many people have said about Joe Biden.

76. Trump demanded that his name be put on stimulus checks sent out during his term. The Biden administration didn’t put his name on the checks.

77. The Trump administration blocked the switch from Andrew Jackson to Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. The Biden administration is moving ahead with it again.

78. Trump said that under his administration people were once again saying, “Merry Christmas.” During Joe Biden’s first 100 days, no one has said “Merry Christmas.” (Possibly because it isn’t Christmas.)

79. Joe Biden has not referred to other nations as “sh*thole countries.”

80. Joe Biden has not referred to Chicago as a “war zone.”

81. Trump prevented Puerto Rico from receiving billions in hurricane relief after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017. Biden’s administration finally released the aid.

82. Trump responded to demonstrations against police brutality by walking to a DC church for a photo op with a Bible while police tear-gassed protestors. Biden has responded to protests against police brutality by calling for protesters to remain peaceful (the usual politician thing.)

83. Trump rolled back rules protecting LGBTQ patients. Biden put in place the strongest federal protections for LGBTQ healthcare.

84. Trump tried to sabotage the Affordable Care Act and drive enrollment in healthcare through the law down. Biden expanded enrollment periods and more than 200,000 people signed up during a special enrollment period. 

85. The Trump iPhone security risk has given way to the Biden Peloton security risk.

86. Biden exercises on a Peloton stationary bike (see above.) Trump did not exercise at all because he believed that exercise depletes the body. (Golf isn’t exercise so it doesn’t count.)

87. Speaking of golf, Joe Biden doesn’t cheat.  

88. No more Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama. Instead, Biden plagiarizing a British Labour leader

89. No more Trump claiming someone or other called him “the greatest hostage negotiator.” Instead, Biden claiming he was arrested in South Africa trying to see Nelson Mandela.

90. Trump passed a huge tax cut for billionaires. Biden wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and give $80 billion to the IRS to catch wealthy tax cheats.

91. Biden doesn’t continually insult deceased Senator John McCain.

92. Trump’s daily schedule was 60 percent “executive time,” which mostly meant watching TV. Biden’s schedule is more robust.

93. Biden has not referred to Mexicans as “rapists.”

94. Biden has not spread antisemitic conspiracy theories about billionaire George Soros.

95. Biden doesn’t block people on social media.

94. Biden will maybe get the post office to work again. Maybe.

96. Biden does not compare the coronavirus to the flu.

97. Biden has not held a military parade to celebrate himself.

98.  Donald Trump says his favorite movie is “Citizen Kane”; Biden’s favorite movie is “Chariots of Fire.”

100. Things are still bad. But not quite as bad.

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