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Alien hunters wants to use magnet on ocean bed to find UFO wreckage

BANG Showbiz logo BANG Showbiz 08/08/2022 BANG Showbiz
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Alien hunters are hoping to dredge the ocean bed with a magnet in a bid to find a UFO wreckage.

Scientists believe a meteor that crashed into the southwest Pacific off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 2014 may have been part of a craft from another star system.

Declassified US spy satellite data has confirmed that the crash happened and astronomer Avi Loeb is convinced that retrieving the wreckage from the ocean could provide evidence of alien life.

Astrophysicist Amir Siraj, who works with Loeb, claims that the meteor was travelling so fast that it must have come from a neighbouring star system.

He said: "It's not that meteors of this size are unusual. We actually get a couple of dozen each year. But what was unusual about this meteor was that this object had a very high impact speed and the unusual direction at which it encountered our planet.

"If we were able to recover any fragments it would be the first time that humanity has ever touched material from 'beyond our solar system'."


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