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Video: Heart-stopping footage shows young family being 'hunted' by cheetahs at safari park logo 11/05/2018

A video has emerged of a family with young children being hunted by a group of cheetahs at a safari park.

The heart-stopping clip shows the family getting out of their car only metres away from a group of cheetahs at Beekse Bergen Safari Park near Tilburg, The Netherlands.

The cheetahs become aware of their close proximity when a woman is seen opening the boot alongside her children.

Heart-stopping moment when cheetahs chased family © Heart-stopping moment when cheetahs chased family

Later in the clip, the cheetahs begin bounding towards the family after parking their car further away.

The family can be seen rushing back to the car for safety as the cheetahs take chase.

Onlookers recording the footage can be heard saying "Jesus!" and "what the f***" in the background.

Cheetah targets family at safari park © Cheetah targets family at safari park The video was filmed by Robin de Graaf, who told "I thought they might be killed and we warned them before with signs- but they didn't notice anything."

Park manager Niels de Wildt told Dutch radio station NOS that the cheetahs are "not extremely hungry" or "in the hunt".

"In the first instance they have the same reaction as when someone rings in unexpectedly, they think, 'hey, something strange is happening in our territory'.

"But in the end they do respond to this exceptional visit- and these people have been incredibly lucky."

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