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What links Adil Ray, Robert Lindsay and Orson Welles? The Weekend quiz

The Guardian logo The Guardian 25/01/2020 Thomas Eaton

The questions

1 The Bramble Cay melomys is said to be the first mammal to suffer what?

2 Which novel is named after a hill at Ecchinswell, Hampshire?

3 Elizabeth Holmes founded which controversial company?

4 What drink was known as the wine of Islam?

5 Whose voyage was completed by Juan Sebastián Elcano?

6 What, in Wyoming, is Old Faithful?

7 What appliance is the Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator?

8 Which city was transformed by Baron Haussmann?

What links:

9 Adil Ray; Robert Lindsay; Orson Welles?

10 Four Temperaments; Expansive; Inextinguishable; Simple?

11 CDU; SPD; AfD; Die Linke; FDP?

12 Nucleus; coma; ion tail; dust tail?

13 Mikuru Suzuki; Deta Hedman; Lisa Ashton; Fallon Sherrock?

14 Southern Bug; Danube; Dniester; Dnieper?

15 Burn My Candle; Jackie; Lola; Je t’aime; Relax?

Candle in the mind? Photograph: Getty Images Photograph: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images © Provided by The Guardian Candle in the mind? Photograph: Getty Images Photograph: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

The answers

1 Extinction due to anthropogenic climate change.

2 Watership Down.

3 Theranos.

4 Coffee.

5 Magellan (first circumnavigation of the Earth).

6 Geyser (in Yellowstone National Park).

7 Aga cooker (abbreviation).

8 Paris.

9 Citizen… on TV and film: Khan; Smith; Kane.

10 Nicknames of Carl Nielsen symphonies: 2, 3, 4 and 6.

11 German political parties.

12 Visible parts of a comet.

13 Women darts players.

14 Rivers flowing into the Black Sea.

15 Songs banned by the BBC: Shirley Bassey; Scott Walker; the Kinks; Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin; Frankie Goes To Hollywood.


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