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What are the benefits to owning an electric vehicle in Scotland?

The sale of petrol vehicles will be banned from 2030 meaning that all vehicles will be powered by electricity or another renewable source of energy. In this episode of Sustainable Scotland, we look at the benefits of owning an electric vehicle (EV) in terms of cost and charging points and also explore how an EV can sell electricity back into the grid. We explore how EVs are key to Scotland reaching its net zero targets and why Scotland, it could be argued, is the best place to own one in the UK. Elinor Chalmers, director at Electric Vehicle Association Scotland, said “Scotland is the best place in the UK to own an electric vehicle. “We have a comprehensive charge point network and there are also interest-free loans available to purchase new electric cars. “We also have a very green grid meaning you are more than likely to be charging on hydro power or wind power.”
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