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Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t want trans-girls competing in girls sports - but played in women’s golf tournament

Indy 100 logo Indy 100 03/05/2021 Dave Maclean

Caitlyn Jenner says she doesn’t think transgender girls should take part in all-female sports teams - claiming “it’s a question of fairness”.

There’s just one problem with that line of argument … she competed in a women’s golf tournament in which she was driving from the women’s tees (which are closer to the flag).

In comments to TMZ last week, she appeared to argue that biological males have physical advantages which give them an unfair edge when playing in girls’ competitions.

But she competed in the ANA Inspiration Pro-Am in Rancho Mirage, California, in 2016 - and let her celebrity foursome vote on which tees she should hit from. 

The women’s tee won, and Jenner - who has an impressive handicap of 6 - started each hole several feet closer to the flag.

On Twitter, Katelyn Burns called out the apparent hypocrisy, saying: “Something tells me she doesn’t really believe the things she says to try to get Republicans to vote for her.”

And while some people pointed out that the tourney was 5 years ago, most were united in their scorn. Some said she should sit out future women’s tournaments.

One tabloid once claimed her golf buddies were unhappy about her driving from tees designated for women, because she was a pro at the sport long before transitioning. 

In an interview with Matt Lauer, she said she plays from the women’s tees but could handily beat him from the men’s tees if she wanted.

In 2017, she challenged Donald Trump to a game because she wanted to discuss politics one on one.

But he never called, and she quipped: “Maybe he hasn’t called because he doesn’t want to lose to a 67-year old trans woman.”


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