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Joe Rogan shows off impressive pool skill with unreal shots

Give Me Sport logo Give Me Sport 27/09/2022 Sam Pearce

Joe Rogan is as big a name as any in the UFC, with the legendary commentator an absolute icon in the profession, also using his expertise to host his own podcast.

Despite his busy life, he still has room for some downtime, where he can just do as he pleases and relax following the high pressures of elite sport.

One thing he clearly puts plenty of time into is pool, a famous cue sport which is played all around the world to different standards, whether that be in your local pub with a few mates after sinking some beers, or more seriously in competition.

UK pool vs American pool

The rules are pretty similar in both variations of the game, although they both have their own takes on certain aspects of the game, however, you can find both in most good pool halls, allowing you to take your pick.

A key difference is just the size, the American table and balls are bigger than their UK counterparts, meaning the cues and pockets are slightly larger. It tends to give you more margin for error, especially on a club table, although it’s no easy feat to master the sport.

Rogan himself has been showing off his expertise on the American pool tables, playing trick shots and talking about the importance of positional play.

Joe Rogan shares his thoughts on Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul © Provided by Give Me Sport Joe Rogan shares his thoughts on Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Joe Rogan plays pool

The 55 year-old award winning podcaster and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt holder showed us his talents don’t end there by filming himself on the pool table.

An incredible trickshot on the black kicks off the video clip, with Rogan coming off multiple cushions with the cue ball prior to potting the black.

It then cuts to him delivering a powerful break that most pros would be jealous of before he goes into analyst mode, talking about the game and the importance of controlling the cue ball.

Video: Joe Rogan showing off his pool ability

It’s a tougher game than most think, with you constantly having to think a few shots ahead to make sure you land in the right position and have the angles you need around the table.

So the fact Rogan explains the importance of getting into the right position from what looks like an easy pot shows us his understanding of the game. Most would pot the ball blindly and not think about the next shot until it’s too late.

You need to play it as if you are planning your next shot or you could be giving your opponent a lifeline if you then miss a tougher pot or fail in a safety attempt.


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