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Ameren upgrades in north St. Louis County

WOODSON TERRACE, Mo. — Ameren Missouri contractors are busy working on new infrastructure to make sure the lights stay on when bad weather rolls through. St. Louis County Executive Sam Page met with crews Thursday morning. He walked the job site at the corner of Guthrie and Woodson. It's an area Page knows well. "This is really literally across the street from the house my wife grew up in," Page said. With lines above ground, it's easy for a powerful St. Louis storm to knock the power out. Traditional hung lines are also more work for crews to bring it back online after an outage. Page said investments like Ameren's $10.7 million in north St. Louis County for storm hardening are paramount. "This is a really important investment by Ameren to help us keep the lights on in north county, when we have some of the severe weather that the Midwest is famous for," he said. The north county project is part of Ameren Missouri's Smart Energy Plan. Since work started in 2019, the energy provider has spent nearly $25 million reinforcing and replacing equipment in the area. Thursday's project is part of a storm-hardening effort along a three-and-a-half-mile stretch near the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. The power lines in the couple-mile tract service the airport and roughly 3600 industrial and residential Ameren Missouri customers. The main thing passersby will notice is new poles. They are composite, gray in color and noticeably not wood. Click the link for the full story:



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