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Battle Stack: Battle of the Little Bighorn (Custer's last stand)

Please Support : The battle of the Little Bighorn was fought in 1876 in the Montana territory. In 1874 Gold was discovered in the Black Hills which fell within the territory of the Sioux Reservation. A Government offer to buy the black hills was rejected, but prospectors began arriving. US soldiers were sent to attack any Natives not on the reservation. Sitting Bulls camp was by the Little Bighorn River, and not on the reservation, when it was spotted by US soldiers...what happened next? Find out in this animated tactics video! Please donate to help fund future videos! - Thanks for watching! Please subscribe! Other Battles: The Alamo 1836 : Battle of Waterloo 1815 - Gunfight at the OK Corral - Battle of Crecy - Battle of Lexington & Concord - Battle of Bunker Hill - The Battle of Bosworth (York vs Lancaster - War of the Roses) - The Spanish Armada - Battle of Telamon - Battle of Marathon - Battle of Isandlwana - Battle of Rorke's Drift - Battle of Hastings - Battle of Cannae - Battle of Bannockburn -



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