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Brooklyn Decker and her mom make it awkward for Andy Roddick on 'Family Feud'

Celebrity Family Feud sure knows how to serve up the awkward, and Sunday was no different when tennis great Andy Roddick teamed up with his swimsuit model wife Brooklyn Decker and her family. When Steve Harvey asked the contestants, “Name a reason you’re in a hole,” Decker responded, “You’re a man having sex.” Her answer stunned the crowd, and her husband, resulting in Decker throwing her mom under the bus for suggesting that answer and Roddick asking Steve, “I’m trying to figure out who she’s talking about, ‘cause I don’t. I mean, this is weird, cause her dad’s here and all.” Viewers took to Twitter after the embarrassingly cute exchange between the married couple. But, Brooklyn’s Dad was the least of Roddick’s worries because when the topic shifted to strippers, it was the tennis player’s mother-in-law that had the star cringing. “What might a jealous stripper do to the pole when the hot new girl comes out?” asked Steve. “She may go up there naked and slide down it and make it dirty?” was her response. Andy and Brooklyn were both left puzzled by Tessa’s rather obvious answer, but Steve chalked that up to Tessa’s lack of strip club experience. “You’ve never been to a strip club. Yeah. That’s what all of them do.” But that rather obvious answer scored Team Roddick-Decker points, and they ended up victorious on the evening resulting in a $25,000 dollar donation to their charity.



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