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Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine - Live In Tokyo 92 UYI2 - 4/10

Guns 'N Roses - Live In Tokyo 92 - 4/10 - Sweet Child O' Mine, Axl sings Sail Away Sweet Sister and Bad Time as intro to the song *no copyright infrigiment intention* Sorry for the lyrics being wrong, they were already on the video so there was nothing i could do to change them! :( But i guess most of us know the lyrics perfectly by heart :p! Anyway i'm gonna post the right lyrics for the intro :) "Sail away sweet sister, sail across the sea, maybe you'll find somebody that'll love you half as much as me.. My heart is always with you, No matter what you do, So sail away sweet sister 'cuz I'll always be in love with you..." "But let her be somebody else's queen, I dont want to know about yououououou! 'Cuz there's too many others who know what I mean, And thats why I gotta live without yououououou! I'm in love with the girl I'm talking about, I'm in love with the girl that I cant live without, I'm in love but I feel like I'm living it out, I'm in love, but I must have picked a bad time to be in love..."



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