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How to Become a Retail Legend: Recognize That “Selling” Isn’t the Whole Story

Actions speak louder than words, or so they say. But if you’re trying to understand what makes a person tick, letting them explain their actions isn’t so bad a method. For this Rule Breaker Investing episode, host David Gardner is delivering his tenth “Great Quotes” themed show, and he leads it off with an unusually long quote from a businessman whose name he thinks you’ll be able to figure out. And the topic is why he chose to do something that -- back when his company was young -- might have driven some customers (and suppliers) away. Said one irritated supplier "Maybe you don’t understand your business. You make money when you sell things.” Not exactly, said our hero. Allow him to elaborate, and then Gardner will dig into the lesson this anecdote reinforces. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe to The Motley Fool's YouTube Channel: Join our Facebook community: Follow The Motley Fool on Twitter:



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