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Kim Kardashian in tears over Kris Jenner's 'dark' prank

On Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday night, Kim Kardashian was terrified to learn that an ambulance was called after her new home security had tackled her mother Kris Jenner in her backyard. After an increasing amount of robberies had taken place in the Hidden Hills community, in which Kim and husband Kanye West live, Kim upped her security at home. However, Kim's family and friends thought the new level of security was a bit excessive. Kourtney Kardashian complained to Kim that she almost had to sign an NDA to enter Kim's property to pick up North West, while Kris complained that the security made her show identification to prove she was Kim's mother. The matriarch was not pleased about how difficult it was to visit Kim, so she decided to do something about it. While hanging out with Jonathan Cheban, Kim received a phone call from Khloé Kardashian, who urged Kim to get home because her "whole security just tackled Mom." Kim was horrified as she watched the whole thing go down on the surveillance footage on her phone. "Why on Earth would someone tackle my mother?" Kim asked. As she reached her house, Kim saw an ambulance truck outside and stated, "I'm gonna kill this guy." Kim ran into her backyard and, upon seeing Kris on a stretcher, screamed. As Kris laid on the stretcher with a neck brace on, Kim was in tears. The dramatic scene went on until, eventually, Khloé couldn't handle it anymore and broke. "Tell them," Khloé screamed at Kris, who broke out into laughter. Kris had hired a stunt double to play herself, and fake security to tackle the stunt double. She made sure that all the security cameras captured the moment, and enlisted Khloé to assist in carrying out the prank. "I love a good prank, but I don't like a dirty prank. Like, I don't like something that's too below the belt," Khloé told her mother. Kim did not find the prank entertaining, but Twitter did. "Can't believe @KrisJenner had a stunt double tackled by security the whole time and the family fell for this prank! This will definitely go down in #KUWTK history as one of the best pranks of all-time," said one fan. However, some viewers were on Kim's side. In fact, even Khloé, the queen of pranks, felt guilty. Khloé took to Twitter Sunday tweeting: "Ugh i am so so so disappointed in myself for listening to @KrisJenner for real im disgusted with myself." Later in the show, Khloé concluded, "We do need to make a pact that we don't do dark pranks anymore. This one was too much for my soul." "The purpose of the prank was to say we love that you have this security, but we would just love to have some clearance so we can come in and out of your house," Kris told Kim, who shared, "I cannot believe that my mom and Khloé pulled off a prank like this. She didn't have to go to this length to get the point across, but I hear you loud and clear." Kim also stated she's definitely going to get her revenge. Watch your six, Kris!



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