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New human species found in the Philippines

Scientists have found a few bones and seven teeth belonging to a previously unknown species of human. They've named the new species Homo luzonensis, after the island of Luzon in the Philippines where it was found. The bones are tiny, suggesting that Homo luzonensis was under 4 feet tall. That would make it the second species of diminutive human to be found in south-east Asia; in 2007 scientists announced the discovery of Homo floresiensis, found on the island of Flores in Indonesia and nicknamed the hobbit. Both species lived around 50,000 years ago, at a time when Asia was also home to our species, the Neanderthals and a group called the Denisovans. The new species raises many questions, including who were its ancestors and how did it move? Read the research paper here: Thanks to Rob Rownd (UPFI and UP-ASP) for the excavation footage. The 3D animations were provided by the Callao Cave Archaeology Project.



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