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Queen | Live in Copenhagen 4/13/1978 (News Of The World Tour)

Queen, Live At The Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark. ====================================================== RECORDING QUALITY: A- "The entire crown lighting rig couldn't fit in the venue, so only the bottom of the crown was used at this show (and also the following night in Hamburg). Before the medley, Freddie says, "We have a lot of music for you tonight. That's why we don't have a support. I just wish there were a bit more of you." During the "Take me with you and love me forever" line in The Millionaire Waltz, a single person in the audience shouts "forever" at the right moment, to which Freddie responds, "That's nice." He once again responds to the hand-clapping. "Do you do this for everybody? Do you do this for Led Zeppelin?" (They haven't been in Denmark since 1971, but they would return in 1979 - to a few thousand hand-clap-happy fans.) It's Late then follows, another possible candidate for a best ever version, particularly due to the perfectly executed vocal harmonies. Roger drums up a storm in Now I'm Here, especially in the first verse. Brian, before Love Of My Life: "This is a song for Sheer Heart Attack which Freddie wrote, and it was written for piano and voice but we're gonna do it with guitar and voice tonight, so we'll see how it goes." Brian had forgotten which album it was on, and it seems to become an ongoing joke between him and Freddie throughout the tour." ====================================================== Timestamps: 0:00 - We Will Rock You (Slow) 1:47 - We Will Rock You (Fast) 5:21 - Brighton Rock 9:10 - Somebody To Love 15:10 - Death On Two Legs 18:59 - Killer Queen 21:01 - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 23:30 - I'm In Love With My Car 25:39 - Get Down Make Love 29:29 - The Millionaire Waltz 33:05 - You're My Best Friend 35:57 - Spread Your Wings 41:21 - It's Late 48:21 - Now I'm Here 53:36 - Love Of My Life 57:29 - '39 1:01:39 - My Melancholy Blues 1:05:58 - White Man 1:10:37 - Vocal Improv 1:14:00 - Guitar Solo 1:21:56 - The Prophet's Song (Reprise) 1:23:50 - Stone Cold Crazy 1:26:15 - Bohemian Rhapsody 1:31:37 - Keep Yourself Alive 1:34:13 - Drum Solo 1:34:42 - Keep Yourself Alive (Reprise) 1:35:47 - Tie Your Mother Down 1:39:28 - Encore Wait #1 [CUT] 1:39:47 - We Will Rock You 1:41:44 - We Are The Champions 1:45:05 - Encore Wait #2 1:45:29 - Sheer Heart Attack [CUT] 1:48:10 - Jailhouse Rock 1:52:21 - God Save The Queen ====================================================== DOWNLOAD:!YQsAxDSL!EqWpCBY9fx8lrPnNExBtk2ortpRjAWYMQtBn9zMnwIk ====================================================== For more information on this gig, check out:





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