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Thai Golden Retriever buries his lazy sister in soil after she refuses to play

This is the adorable moment a Golden Retriever buries his sister in soil after she refused to play with him. Two Golden Retrievers named Khao-Phong and Mira were lying in a backyard at the owner's home in Khon Kaen, northeastern Thailand on Friday (August 16) afternoon. One-year-old Mira was lying comfortably in the cool, dried earth while her naughty brother was trying to wake her up to play with him. He then started digging a hole and flung sand onto her body before resting his bum directly in her face. But the lazy female pooch still did not move and continued having an afternoon nap. Rattana Wetchakama said that Khao-Phong, which means "clearly white" in Thai, is a very energetic dog and always finds a way to entertain himself. The owner said: ''He always likes to go outside and play, unlike Mira who is more calm and like to stay in the house. ''They like to run around chasing each other but sometimes Mira is not just in the mood. Then, Khao-Phongwill digs and cover her up with sand or dirt, trying to wake her up but it never works.''




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