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Why Roundhill Chose Esports for it's First ETF

Let's talk eSports, shall we? Zev Fima, a Research Analyst for ActionAlertsPLUS, sat down with Will Hershey and Jens Hilgers, the minds behind the NERD ETF, which brings esports investing to the general public. First, a little about Hershey & Hilgers.. Will Hershey is the Co-founder and CEO of Roundhill Investments, which is focused on developing financial products that offer exposure to investment themes appealing to the next generation of investors Jens Hilgers is the CEO and Co-founder of DOJO Madness and a Founding partner of BITKRAFT Esports Ventures the first and largest Gaming and Esports fund in the Western world with over 35 portfolio companies. So, you might be wondering... why did they choose esports for their very first ETF? Here's what Hershey says: "when you look at the excitement around e-sports in the private market, you're talking about $4.5 billion invested last year into the space. For the average investor. They can't get exposure, they can't invest in a fund like BITKRAFT. If they could, they presumably should. They're getting exposure really at an early stage of the esports investment cycle, we saw that it really is an opportunity to provide a vehicle for the average investor, retail investor, institutional investor alike, for a way to play the space." Want to hear what else they had to say? Watch the full interview over on our premium site Ok, yes, you need to sign-up to see the interview. But, in addition to advice from our analyst Zev Fima, you'll also get valuable insight from Jim Cramer, TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts Plus Portfolio Manager. Sign-up here for a free trial of



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