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Nearly 50 Scottish UFO reports in 2021 including 'round object' followed by three fighter jets

Daily Record logo Daily Record 01/02/2022 Sean Murphy

It appears Scotland had a bumper year for sightings of strange objects in the sky last year, with 47 Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFOs ) being spotted across the country.

The number of UFO reports, or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) as they are now referred to in official circles, to various organisations in Scotland rose 13 from 34 in 2020.

UFO Identified, an organisation created by Ufologist Ash Ellis, collated the sightings and examined the data in a bid to help create a better picture of what is going on in the skies above the UK.

The research found that for the second year running, Lanarkshire was Scotland's UFO hot spot with 19 of the 47 sightings recorded there, this was up from 9 in 2020.

The Lothians area was next with 7 reports, while Aberdeenshire, Fife and Stirlingshire all recorded three sightings of mysterious objects each.

Tallying reports from MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), BUFORA (British UFO Network) and NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Centre), as well as four official reports submitted to Police Scotland, Ash and his team were able to pull together a list of some incredible sightings.

These included a "long slim golden object" spotted hanging in the sky over Fort William, with photographs showing the incredible object.

A circular object was sighted being followed by three fighter jets in Dallas in Moray, while a bright sphere-shaped object moving in various directions before "suddenly disappearing" over Cumbernauld.

Speaking about the research, Ash said: "Sightings in Scotland in 2021 increased by over a third from 2020 (34 to 47). There is some indication of an overall increase in sightings during the pandemic, this could be because historically, at times of stress, we tend to look for answers in places that we might not have looked before and there is a theory that what happens above us mirrors what is happening on the ground.

"During the Cold War, UFO sightings and interest increased as the anxiousness of the public around the world increased with the threat of nuclear war hanging over everyone."

The most notable sightings of UFOs/UAPs in Scotland's skies in 2021

Video: UFO spotted in clouds Scots-bound Ryanair flyer (Daily Record)

(with photo evidence)

April 21, 9.30 pm – Cumbernauld: A bright sphere-shaped object spotted moving in various directions before suddenly disappearing

The bright sphere-shaped object moving in various directions before suddenly disappearing spotted above Cumbernauld © MUFON The bright sphere-shaped object moving in various directions before suddenly disappearing spotted above Cumbernauld

June 2, 11 am – Dallas: A round object spotted changing from dark to light colour moving in the sky, followed by three military jets

July 17, 3.15 pm – Fort William: A long slim golden/yellow object with a golf ball shape coming off it, spotted just hanging in the sky

Oct 31, 6.55 pm – Falkirk: Square object with lights in each corner, spotted moving in a swaying motion changing direction easily, no sound.

The dark triangle object surrounded by a yellow cloud spotted above Glasgow © MUFON The dark triangle object surrounded by a yellow cloud spotted above Glasgow

Nov 20, 4 pm – Glasgow: Dark triangle object spotted surrounded by a yellow cloud.

Nov 24, 11.30 pm – Glasgow: Bright white light hovering above the spotter's house, moved in various directions before disappearing upwards.

Other notables (no photos available)

Mar 26, 8.30 pm – Tullibody: Two consecutive bright orange lights in the formation of small triangles.

June 25, 10.25 pm – Glasgow: What looked like a dark, flat, frisby moving in the sky zig-zagged before disappearing (Source: UFOIdentified)

Aug 25, 7.05 am – East Kilbride: Three objects spotted moving back and forward, blinking then reappearing and rotating at various speeds.

Oct 30, 9.35 pm – Dumbarton: A triangular craft with a light at each corner, flew smooth and silent then disappeared into the clouds. (Source: NUFORC)

Did you spot any UFOs in Scotland last year? Let us know below or contact Ash and his team at UFO Identified.

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