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Woman takes revenge on passenger who had their bare feet on her armrest

Mirror 07/02/2023 Milo Boyd

A woman who was subjected to the intrusive feet of a fellow passenger came up with a simple trip to banish unpleasant appendages.

TikToker thewandertog was mid-flight when she noticed the feet of the passenger behind her were on her arm rest.

Understandably shocked and appalled, the intruded-upon-holidaymaker came up with a plan of action.

The woman took a small chunk of ice out of her drink, and put it on the armrest next to the feet.

As soon as the sock and shoe-less passenger felt the cold water trickling down her feet, she pulled them back.

The video of the defensive manoeuvre has gained a huge amount of traction on TikTok, both from those who are impressed with the move and those who are appalled by the sight of bare feet.

One person admitted that they had “accidentally” spilled their water" on a set of feet while on a plane before."

Another said: "You were a lot nicer than I would have been."

A third wrote: "Sometimes it still blows my mind how inconsiderate people are. Like you’re on an airplane and adults forget how to be adults."

While few people would dare to argue on behalf of the bare-footed flier, when it comes to who is entitled to the armrest on a plane, the toss can be argued.

After all, if you're in the middle seat and the people either side of you have chosen to use two armrests, that leaves you with none at all.

But if you're next to the window or aisle, are you only allowed to use one armrest?

If you're going to do the British thing and tut as someone hogs your armrest, you'd better be certain you're entitled to it.

The passengers toes were wedged between the seats © TikTok/THEWANDERTOG The passengers toes were wedged between the seats

One flight attendant has come forward to share the rules of plane seat etiquette - and it's good news for those in the middle seat.

Amanda Pleva told FlyerTalk: "This one has always been a hot topic, and the etiquette needs to be put out there in black and white so we can put it to bed for good. Ladies and gentlemen, here are your armrest assignments.

"Aisle: Aisle armrest only. Window: Window armrest. Middle: Both armrests.

"Should the row not be configured with a window armrest, then the window passenger gets the one closer to the aisle, and the middle passenger forfeits that one. And only that one."

It's not just Amanda who holds the belief - there seems to be a general consensus amongst flight attendants that the person in the middle seat has priority for using the two middle armrests.

Although the rule is not set in stone, it's generally accepted as proper plane seat etiquette.

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