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Dubai Opens World’s Deepest Dive Pool Complete With Underwater City

Dubai has opened the world's deepest pool. Measuring a staggering 60 meters (196 ft) deep, Deep Dive Dubai allows swimmers explore an underwater metropolis. The Guinness World Records awarded it the "Deepest Swimming Pool For Diving" title on June 27, 2021. The pool steals the record from Poland's Deepspot, which has a depth of over 45 meters. Divers can swim through a sunken flat, library and an abandoned arcade with a vintage Pac-Man machine, table football and pool table. Filled with 14 million litres of fresh water, Deep Dive Dubai is at least four times bigger than any other diving pool in the world. Water temperature is maintained at an optimal 30 degrees Celsius, meaning the pool is comfortable to get into at all times. It also contains fresh water that is filtered and circulated every six hours through siliceous volcanic rock, NASA-developed filter technology and UV radiation. Spacious viewing areas on the lower floors of the building allow visitors to peer into the pool from outside.
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