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Trump 2020 bid: Floridians camp out while New Yorkers long for change

SHOTLIST ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATESJUNE 17, 2019SOURCE: AFPTV 1. Pan left Trump supporters and tents on a sidewalk near the Amway Center where the President will give speech tomorrow 2. Mid shot supporters and Trump banner 3. Mid shot supporters sitting 4. SOUNDBITE 1 - David Meloney, shop owner (male, English, 9 sec): "This is a historic event, we would not miss this for anything. I closed my business, it doesn’t matter. We’re here in line and we’re going to be in front somewhere." 5. SOUNDBITE 2 - Valerie Meloney, secretary (female, English, 14 sec): "We rolled up a mattress, we bought a tent today and got a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together and some water and so here we are." NEW YORK, STATE OF NEW YORK, UNITED STATESJUNE 17, 2019SOURCE: AFPTV 6. Wide shot mural, bridge and street in New York 7. Wide shot people walking on the sidewalk and street 8. SOUNDBITE 3 - Rachel Napoleon, New Yorker (female, 30 years old, English, 15 sec): "I mean I was shocked that he got it the first time, so, I don't know, I have little belief for the American people, but may be, hopefully, we will all come together and realized he is an imbecile. I hope it doesn't happen again. Dear God! God!" 9. SOUNDBITE 4 - Jon Carnero, New Yorker (male, 49 years old, English, 6 sec): "My thoughts about it? I can't wait to vote for somebody else." 10. Mid shot front of a store with dresses matching the American flag colors



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