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Bees build beard-like nests on the chine of giant Buddha statue

Locals were amazed to see massive bee hives resembling beards on a 52ft high Buddha statue in Phayao, northern Thailand. Drone footage from Wednesday morning (April 15) shows the dark black nest on the chin of the Buddha statue. Worshippers believe that the bees will not harm them because they are inside the temple, protected by the good luck of the religion. Some even believe the buzzy bees were drawn to the Buddha because of supernatural forces. One of the locals said: "I believe that the bees built their hives there because the holy spirit wants to protect us." However, the temple abbot Athichai Kunthawut said he believed that there was nothing supernatural about the bee hives. He said: "Some locals wanted to believe that the holy spirit has drawn the bees and protect the locals simultaneously. "But for me I believed it was a natural thing that the bees just want to build their hives at a place where they will not be disturbed. "The locals always brought offering to the statue. I can't blame them and have to respect their belief."
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