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New York City's Climate Strike features massive crowds, the mayor and Greta Thunberg gather during

The momentous moment was captured as tens of thousands of climate activists gathered in New York City Friday (September 20), including Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Greta Thunberg as part of the Global Climate Strike to initiate a stop to climate change. Video shows large crowd, attendees making and holding signs, chanting, climbing on scaffolding to get better views. Mayor DeBlasio high fiving children in the march. Greta Thunberg marching with the protesters. The diverse and massive group of protesters marched loudly down Broadway Street to Battery Park, singing, dancing, holding signs, and trying to make a difference. Onlookers watched with mouths agape as the wall of humanity took over Broadway for hours. One crowd estimate early on suggested more than 20,000 in attendance.
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