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Adorably determined toddler struggles with heavy backpack

"Is there anyone who doesn't like funny baby videos? Especially when they wear backpacks heavier than their body weight. And when they fail to maintain their balance, that's when we throw our heads back and laugh out loud! Parents these days record almost every moment of their kid's growth. And we are very thankful for that endless source of happiness and joy. Adorable baby videos are precious, timeless memories. Unlike adults, babies don't hold grudges. They won't complain if you make fun of them, they just move on with being awesome. Toddlers are so happy to learn new stuff, and they will keep you engaged and active making you have fun too. Take this cute tot for example. Her backpack is so heavy that she can't help falling on the ground. But she is ambitious to stand up and try again. That is what we love about little kids. They don't give up until they succeed! Truly inspiring, right?"



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