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Borderlands 3 - Troy Calypso Boss Fight (Boss #16) - Solo

Borderlands 3 Troy Calypso Boss Fight takes place in Main Mission: The Great Vault. Troy Calypso is the 15th main story boss in Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 Boss Fights Playlist: Full Borderlands 3 Boss Guide (Locations & Fights): Strategy: Troy has only a red health bar. His weak spot is his head. His main move is a ring of purple energy balls that he sends flying in a circle all around him. The trick is to stay far away from him so the purple balls have bigger gaps between them, then you can simply stand / walk through the gaps between the balls to avoid getting hit. Sometimes he dashes straight at you and blasts purple energy at you with his hand, this is hard to avoid. You can try jumping sideways or back but because he's so quick you'll get hit by this most of the time. Have shields with a lot of capacity for this. When he shoots rockets, just walk to the right and you won't get hit. His most annoying move is when he jumps at you and blasts out the ring of purple energy balls when he lands. Always jump when he's about to land, this gives you a chance to jump over the balls and avoid damage if you time it right. His pillar of fire isn't a big threat, just don't stand inside of it. Later into the fight he creates a "hammer" to send out a shockwave in front of him, walking sideways at a distance easily avoids all of this damage. At multiple points throughout the fight he'll cast shields and becomes immune to damage. While his shields are up, mobs will spawn. Kill them for ammo drops (as there are no ammo chests here) and watch out for the fire beams from the sky, indicated by a glowing floor. Just keep shooting at Troy's head when his shields are down, jump when he's jumping at you, and otherwise keep your distance to walk through the gaps between purple balls. SUBSCRIBE: Support this Channel by becoming a Member: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow PowerPyx: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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