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"Cradle Will Rock" Official Movie Trailer

In 1930s New York Orson Welles tries to stage a musical on a steel strike under the Federal Theater Program despite pressure from an establishment fearful of industrial unrest and red activity. Meanwhile Nelson Rockefeller gets the foyer of his company headquarters decorated and an Italian countess sells paintings for Mussolini. The film is a semi-docudrama about the production of, backlash to and suppression of the Federal Theater Project musical, "The Cradle Will Rock," written by Marc Blitzstein and directed by Orson Wells. This film also touches on the dispute over the Rockefeller Center mural painted by Diego Rivera, an avowed communist. Keep in mind this is a movie. Some facts and situations are altered for dramatic effect. Real people and fictional characters are portrayed. Like the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) the Federal Theater Project was part of the WPA (Works Projects Administration), a federal umbrella agency set up during the Depression to provide government-paid work and training for the unemployed in a wide variety of fields. Contrary to any revisionist propaganda you might have heard, it actually worked as an emergency measure; and went on to change the face of America for the better in countless ways, including roads where there had been none, new schools, new municipal buildings, national parks facilities and rural electrification to mention just a few.
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