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Fire dept. near Los Angeles has GOAT novel way to prevent wild fires

Over a hundred goats grazed in South Pasadena as part of a 30-day fire prevention effort to clear the hill of combustible weeds and non-native plants over a 10 acre (40,460 square metres) area. South Pasadena Fire Department Captain Dan Dunn said that "Using goats is a lot more cost efficient versus using human beings and it's also safer". "Goats are able to get into areas where humans have trouble getting into just because of, like, poisonous plants or stuff that could be irritating to humans,", Dunn added. Director of Operations for Sage Environmental Group Carson Helton explained that "a hundred goats essentially will eat half an acre a day of normal vegetation" and warned that "we are in the midst of high fire season and if you look behind me, a little small fire in this canyon could jump between multiple canyons and if you look at the houses behind me, they would burn, it would be just that simple." Although the goats are constantly supervised, an electric fence is also on hand to prevent them from straying out of the designated area.
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