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Hong Kong activists spray "S.S. Nazi = H.K. Police" on police bollard as protests escalate

A political activist in Hong Kong, wearing a face-covering gas mask, stands in front of the incendiary comment "S.S. Nazi = H.K. Police" which is plastered across a white police bollard on August 18. Footage also shows one Hong Kong protester sitting on the shoulders of another while spray-painting graffiti onto a public wall. The image she creates is a character wearing a hard hat with the word "Press" written on it. The satirical image shows the 'press' character holding a mobile phone with the camera pointing out. The filmer also captures a group of people celebrating a birthday as the protests swarm around them. The small group sing 'Happy Birthday' while surrounding a girl sat on the floor who 'blows' out laser 'candles' in the form of green dots on the floor. The group clap and cheer before heading back into the fray.
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