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Jaws -- Hooper finds Ben Gardner's boat

Possibly the scariest scene in Jaws, when Hooper and Chief Brodie go out to look for the shark and find Ben Gardner's boat. When Hooper dives to examine the hull, he has the fright of his life! In post production, Spielberg decided that he was greedy for "one more scream", and reshot the scene in which Hooper discovers Ben Gardner's body, using $3,000 of his own money after Universal refused to pay for the reshoot. The underwater scene was shot in (editor) Verna Fields's swimming pool in Encino, California, using a lifecast latex model of Craig Kingsbury's head attached to a fake body, which was placed in the wrecked boat's hull. To simulate the murky waters of Martha's Vineyard, powdered milk was poured into the pool, which was then covered with a tarpaulin.
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