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Let's Sleep In - Grace Askew

"Let's Sleep In" off the up-coming August 30, 2019 "Denim & Diesel" LP. To drop digitally on all platforms. Filmed by J.B. Lawrence at Tumbleweed Ranch (Eads, TN). Lyrics: Let me sleep (G – Dm7) In dances of elsewhere (G – Dm7) Let me sleep, (G – Dm7) In a dream of that picture (G – Dm7) The one I saw (C) In that magazine (G) And put it on the wall (C) So we could dream (G) Of livin’ like some kind of (F) Stetson ad (C) Barbed wire, bonfires (F) and weathered hats (C) That’s you and me, babe, someday (G – Dm7) Until then… (G – Dm7) let’s sleep in (G – Dm7) Let me sleep (G – Dm7) The coffee ain’t ready, anyway (G – Dm7) Let me sleep, (G – Dm7) In dreams of that mountain (G – Dm7) The one I saw, (C) Back in Missoula (G) At the most photographed barn (C) In America (G) Yeah, that’s one (F) I wanna see again, with you (C) Where the sun don’t set (F) Until quarter to 10 (C) Yeah, you and me, babe, we’ll go there someday… (G – Dm7) Until then… (G – Dm7) let’s sleep in (G – Dm7)




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