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'More than 50 cop cars' chase Florida UPS van involved in hostage situation that left 4 dead, including 2 innocent civilians

This was the scary moment a Florida driver witnessed the moment of a police chase involving a stolen UPS van that ended in a shootout leaving four dead, including two civilians. Filmed a 5:30 pm local time yesterday (December 5) a helicopter can be seen in the sky, while the stolen UPS van hurtles down the opposite side of the road followed by a myriad of police vehicles. The incident followed an attempted jewellery store heist in Coral Gables. The duo of robbers subsequently stole the UPS van holding the driver hostage on the wild police chase. Police eventually caught up with the thieves resulting in a shootout that left both assailants, the driver and an innocent bystander dead. One jewellery store worker was also injured. The filmer told Newsflare: "I witnessed more than 50 cop cars and five helicopters chase a stolen UPS truck with a hostage inside. "They later shot the suspect in a shoot out a few miles from where I filmed. "The suspect had a failed robbery attempt and then jacked this truck with the driver. "[It] occurred in Miami Dade county then police chase ended in Miramar."


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