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Only Humans Have Chins and More Facts About the Human Body | Mental Floss List Show | 532

How much do you know about the human body? In this episode of The List Show, Erin (@erincmcarthy) shares 26 facts about the human body, from the surprising origins of belly button lint to why hair and nails seem to grow after death. You’ll learn about your spleen, kidneys, intestines, stomach, skin, and even your philtrum (the dent under your nose). If you’ve always wondered exactly how much coffee your stomach can hold or how many tennis courts your intestines could stretch across, this is the List Show episode for you. You’ll also learn a few funny old slang terms for body parts, and plenty of facts guaranteed to stop any cocktail party conversation in its tracks. In case you forgot, The List Show is a trivia-tastic, fact-filled show for curious people. Subscribe here for new Mental Floss episodes every two weeks. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Store:
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