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PATCHY BEARD FIX!!: A Guide To Using Minoxidil For Beard Growth | Frequently Asked Questions

Fix your patchy beard starting from today! Minoxidil is a topical solution FDA approved only for use on the scalp. Many now use Minoxidil "Off Label" for beard enhancement. This Video serves as a guide to using Minoxidil for beard growth and as a means to fixing patchy facial hair. I have attempted to cover everything however if your question is missing then please do ask in the comments Click the time stamp below to jump to a section Part One: Minoxidil 0:51 - What is Minoxidil? including history of the product 3:11 - Is Minoxidil Safe for beard enhancement? 4:14 - Liquid Vs Foam - discussing the different types of minoxidil and dosages 6:11 - Frequency of Application once vs twice and why you shouldn't use more 8:02 - How to apply different types of minoxidil (demonstrations can be found in the links following the time stamp section) 9:01 - Does Brand Matter? 9:49 - How long does it take to see results using minoxidil for the beard Part Two : Permanent Gains 10:52 - Differences between scalp and facial hair? 11:24 - Vellus, Transitional and Terminal hairs? 12:19 - How long does it take for Vellus to "become" Terminal? 12:45 - Are Minoxidil Beard gains permanent? Part Three : Dermarolling, Shaving vs Trimming 14:27 - Dermarolling 17:22 - Shaving 18:28 - Trimming Part Four : DHT Blockers & Supplements 19:42 - What Are DHT Blockers and why should we avoid them? ( list of blockers can be found here 21:15 - Oils you can use on your Journey ( + Peppermint Essential Oil) 23:24 - Supplements Part Five : Genetics, Smoking and NoFap 25:29 - Genetics, How important are they? 26:51 - Smoking, Is it bad for your beard journey? 27:25 - Does NoFap actually help? Part Six : Side Effects 28:25 - General Side Effects 30:33 - Scalp Shedding 32:25 - Unwanted Hair Growth 33:50 - Acne (side effect of dry skin) 35:05 - Dark Circles 35:39 - Erectile Dysfunction and why this isn't a side effect 37:27 - If in doubt speak to a doctor Other Videos to check out How to apply liquid: How to apply Foam: How to apply liquid #2 : Supplements ( Beard Profile Video): Difference between vellus and terminal hairs: Check out my the first year of my journey here : Social media: Join the Minox Beard Spot on Facebook:!/groups/14... Support this channel by shopping on amazon: US: UK: Crazy Goat Beard Oil (No DHT Blockers) : Intro song: What's Real by Eyez ft Chelsey Jade (Prod. By Baza) Like | Comment | Subscribe ***DISCLAIMER*** The views and experience expressed are my own. I do not belong to any organisation or promote use of any product on behalf of anyone. These videos are to document my experience and are designed to educate. anybody wishing to use the product does so at their own risk and I can in no way guarantee the same results as my own as we all react differently to products***
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