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RAD (with Riley & Tim!)

TWITCH.TV/KOTAKU Riley and Tim (that’s me!) played RAD, the new game by Double Fine! Did like it just fine, or did we like it twice as much as fine? Or did we Rogue-like it? It’ll probably have jokes like that in it. Please put your best Dad Joke Hat before posting a comment. Listen to us talk about student loans, what it means to dress like you went to Harvard, how many Coronas you can drink on your yacht per Twitch Prime subscription, and how this game feels like Nuclear Throne The Movie The Video Game, if Nuclear Throne had been a 1985 Commodore 64 game with an upgraded 1988 NES port that had been popular enough to inspire a 1993 movie that had inspired a 1995 SNES game, which this would be the remake of. Look, conversations get complicated in the Kotaku Goblin Bunker. You just gotta get in there and hang out, buddy.




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