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Textmergency - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

BUY ON ITUNES: Judge Spenser: Time is running out/ You've got To act now/ Stay on step ahead/ Of that moronic text somehow! Miss Cavanaugh: There's no turning back/ here In the danger zone/ You've got To manually delete that text/ From that dude's cell phone! Rebecca: Thank you, Officers! Officer: Good luck Rebecca! Judge Spenser: It's a...Textmergency! Baby can't you see/ Textmergency/ That term just occurred to me!/ It's gonna catch on instantly! Miss Cavanaugh: Wait, what about texttastrophe That sounds better to me! Texttastrophe! That could really spread virally! Judge Spenser: I prefer textmergency! Mark: I accidentally texted my Mother-in-law/ A picture of my erection. Vanessa: I once group texted my whole Staff/ About my yeast infection! Judge Spenser: Exactly! It's so relatable! That's why I coined the phrase... Miss Cavanaugh: Textastrophe! That's the meme, Don't you agree? Judge Spenser: All due respect, Textmergency! Is The better term, Miss C... Miss Cavanaugh: Hmmm...I wanna go with texttastrophe I already put it on Urban Dictionary. Steve Jobs: You fools!/ It doesn't matter what It's called/ That's right, it's Me! The ghost of Steve Jobs!/ What Matters is that I control your Lives from the grave!/ Technology Is slowly alienating everyone from Their loved ones!/ Ha ha ha!/ And when you send a few words to the Wrong recipient/ and it immediately destroys your entire life.../ That's Called a... messagepocalypse! All: Get out of here, Steve Jobs! Vanessa: Guys, what about that lawyer chick? We've gotten really off track. Judge Spenser: She's searching for the spare key/ Look under the mat! Miss Cavanaugh: It's clearly hidden in that owl! Mark: Look in the flower pot, hurry! Vanessa: Hurry up and check that buddha Sconce! All: Check the Buddha sconce! Check The Buddha sconce! She did it! now she can delete the Text! Judge Spenser: She won't need to come up with A textcuse! Miss Cavanaugh: Texplanation!
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