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There Might Be Infectious Bacteria Lurking In Your Makeup Bag, According to a New Study

There Might Be InfectiousBacteria Lurking In YourMakeup Bag, Accordingto a New Study You already know that yourmakeup products and toolsnaturally harbor germs. A study proves that using certainproducts isn’t just kind of gross—it canactually be a serious health hazard. More than 9 in 10 in-use beauty productsplay host to "deadly superbugs," includingE.coli and Staphylococci. The most worrisome tool in yourbeauty arsenal is that damp, dirtymakeup sponge/foundation blender. They're especially prone tocontamination because they'retypically left damp after use. Make a habit of ditching makeup,creams, brushes, and blenders beforethey've passed their prime.
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