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Runaway bull charges into spectators at fight in Thailand, injuring one

A rampaging bull escaped from a fighting ring before charging through spectators and goring a woman. The farm creature was being pitted against another animal during the event in Trang, southern Thailand on Monday (February 17) afternoon. With the crowd being whipped into a frenzy, the bull smashed through a wooden fence and ran up several steps on a concrete stand. Dozens of spectators fled in panic as the enraged animal ran amok. It then charged at a woman cowering on the ground and gored her with its 30cm-long horns. Footage shows the raging bull turning its head towards Khun Nam, 57, before pinning her against the fence. She fell down as the bull relented and walked down the stand before he was captured by the venue staff. The female spectator suffered an inch long cut below her right eyebrow but was otherwise unharmed. She received first aid at the scene before being taken to hospital One of the spectators, Anutin Wattana, said that people attend bullfights in the region to place bets on which animals will win. He said that the organisers should now strengthen the fences to prevent it from happening again. He said: "There were two bulls that escaped from the ring during the day, which means that the fences were too weak to keep the animals inside. "One of the bulls ran away after it broke loose but another one rammed into the audience. Fortunately, the woman was only slightly injured but the organisers should really be concerned about the safety."
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