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"25 Funny Cats That Love Playing with String"

"We spend a lot of money on our toys for our cats, don't we? They certainly aren't cheap, but we do it because we love our furry feline buddies. Then they ditch those expensive toys and go for something simple, like string! Why on earth do kitties love to play with string so much? We could spend all day asking ourselves why, or we can just accept that fact and make funny videos about it, which we totally did. Please enjoy our newest funny cats compilation, CATS LOVE STRING! Because they do.nnWhat's your favorite easy to please kitten in today's video? Is it the tuxedo cat holding the balloon at 7:11? Or is it the big guy playing with his human's string at 8:20? Ours is probably the little dude jumping at the lift cord at 10:22."


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