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"Cat Gives Sleeping Girl A Face Massage"

"Hello cat lovers, this video is calling your name! Cats are such incredible creatures and they never cease to amaze us! Did you know that cats can actually tell when their human is unwell and hurting? How amazing is that? If you have never seen a cat doing everything in its power to help her human get better, you absolutely have to watch this funny video! Be sure that you are in for a treat! This video shows a little girl lying on a sofa with her cat in her arms. Oh, isn’t this totally adorable already? The little girl has probably got a headache and her cute feline companion is trying her utmost to help her by giving her a face massage! A cheek massage to be exact! Oh, how funny is she? This hilarious kitty is stretching her legs as much as she can so that she can give her human a massage! Isn’t this the funniest thing you have seen in a while?"


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