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Dog escapes the heat by taking a quick pool time out

With all the hot summer days recently and no rain in a few weeks, everyone has been really hot and trying to find anything to keep themselves cool. Cora knows that she can go to the basement to get cooled down but she is too much of a social dog to go down by herself, so this is the next best thing to cool her down and keep her hydrated. The owner bought a pool a year ago and they've been using it a lot this summer, but this year she got a camera and was able to record it. She filled Cora’s pool up and left it out in their yard and Cora's new favorite thing is to go and blow bubbles while laying down in it. The owner set up a camera, pressed record, and waited. Cora eventually came around their house and walked to her pool for a quick drink and to cool off. She hates people watching her so this was the best way to do it. Cora only stayed in the pool for a quick second, but it was long enough for her to cool down. Once content, Cora got up, and ran out of the pool to hide behind the fence to dry off before going back in.

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