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Loving mother cow showers her newborn baby with kisses

Donna is a very proud and loving mother of a beautiful little calf named Harvey. Harvey came into the world a few days ago and he is enjoying sunshine in the meadow, fresh milk, and loving licks and kisses from Donna. Harvey has known no other world but this one, on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. This farm is a family run operation where the health and well-being of the herd is more important than profit. The cows roam free over acres of lush, green pasture. The meadows have ponds full of clean water, forested areas, and rolling hills. The cows enjoy the breeze and the sunshine all day and then bed down in the grass at night. Only in the harshest winter months are they inside a barn. This farm also refuses to produce veal or use growth hormones. They provide a very natural life that is as close as possible to what nature intended. They are even kept company by Gus, a gigantic, but gentle bull who keeps watch over the herd protectively. He has a good life here too and he is well received by the ladies in his meadow. The cows are all very content and calm and they respond well to the presence and attention of the farmers who walk through them daily, checking on their babies and their overall health. Some of the cows are even affectionate, acting more like pets than cattle. In conditions like these, the cows live a long life. This is what is called an ethical farm, and although not all of the animals can live here forever, their life is nearly perfect. For those who will eat meat, avoid factory farms is easy. There are local, cruelty-free farms like this in most communities. Supporting the farmers who don't cut corners for the sake of profit is well worth it, especially for the benefit of the animals.

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