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Seal feasts on shark

An Australian fur seal was captured creating a ruckus in the waters of Sandy Bay in Hobart, Tasmania, on July 3, when it took on an adolescent thresher shark, a species known for the harsh whip of its tail. Local outdoorsman Grant Maddock shot the video from his kayak, which he paddled out when he spotted the thrashing in the water. According to local Facebook posts and reports, the seal in this video is the locally famous Sammy, who became known to Hobart residents after he was discovered sleeping in a women’s restroom stall in 2016. Although Australian fur seals are common in the waters of Tasmania, it is rare to see a thresher shark so close to the shore because they are typically solitary animals and timid around humans. Australian fur seals generally subsist on mackerel and squid. Credit: Grant Maddock via Storyful
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