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Watch drone racing footage of a skateboarder hurtling through an abandoned US water park

This stunning drone racing footage shows a Norwegian skateboarder performing some tricks in a disused water park in California. The drone racing footage of Los Angeles-based Tom Erik Ryen at the abandoned Lake Dolores Waterpark captures the skateboarder's skills like never before. At times it looks just like you're watching a video game. The drone, which flies above and through the waterpark's abandoned architecture, under buildings and even down slides, follows the skater manoeuvring in and around obstacles. Drone racing allows the viewer to experience the water park from all sorts of angles. The pilot of the drone, who goes by the name of Fincky, said: "While visiting California, I really wanted to film something special with my racing drone and when I heard that skateboarder Tom Erik Ryen was visiting, I knew that we could shoot something different! So, that's what we tried to do here!” He also commented: “it was kind of a learning process for me, I'd never filmed a skater, now I know I should keep my eyes on the board!” The first routine took more than 16 times to fully nail down, according to Fincky. The footage was captured on March 9.
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